Why Using Massage With Essential Oils For Relax?

Massage with essential oils is the most important form of treatment in aromatherapy.

In addition to allowing the oils to work, it provides access to the aromatherapist and massage therapy, and the selection of the right oils for the individual’s condition.

Massage, with or without the addition of essential oils, has a very amazing healing effect in itself.

If a child falls, his mother will certainly caress his bruised knee: if we hurt ourselves, our most immediate reaction is to stroke the sore area; if a friend is in a bad mood, we usually give him a comforting hug.

Caressing the painful part of the body can promote the blood flow in the tiny blood vessels, thus naturally reducing the pain.

Hugging is a non-verbal way of conveying sympathy and love for a friend, and is especially useful when faced with a crisis and do not know how to express it in words.

Massage therapy includes both physical and spiritual healing. Massage therapists use a variety of massage techniques to relieve pain, relax tense and stiff muscles, and promote blood circulation to keep the body healthy.

In addition to directly affecting the surface muscle groups – the muscles under the skin – massage can also promote the health of deeper muscles or internal organs.

Even massages designed to promote physical health can create a sense of well-being and well-being in the patient.

The most significant effect of massage is that the patient can relax deeply. After deep relaxation, patients often experience a new sense of vitality and energy.

Most people feel comfortable for a few hours after receiving a massage, but in fact the effects of massage can be cumulative, as long as the massage is received regularly, the comfort after each massage can last longer.

Massage can relax tight muscles, and the process is like re-education in general, we can notice which muscles will often unconsciously contract, and feel the difference between tight, contracted muscles and relaxed muscles.

Usually, before receiving massage therapy to relax muscles, we do not notice which muscles are tense and stiff.

When we feel emotional tension, these muscles will immediately tighten, and muscle tightness caused by discomfort will again trigger emotional tension, forming a vicious circle, which is the main cause of mental stress triggered by physical disorders.

Therefore, it is very important to relieve physical discomfort as soon as possible, and massage is the best way to break this vicious circle, especially when we use aromatherapy massage with calming or invigorating essential oils, while treating both mind and body, the most effective.

Some massages, like the Isharam massage and the various intuitive massages that began to develop 30 years ago, go further in developing the relationship between mind and body, emphasizing that the purpose of massage therapy is to strengthen the connection between the patient’s mind and body.

The removal of physical tension can be soothing, and the removal of physical tension is closely related to the environment around the person receiving the massage and their emotions.

In other words, the establishment of a good relationship of trust and compassion between the massage therapist and the person being massaged helps the catharsis of the emotions of the person being massaged.

And this trust relationship must be established after several treatments.

The important belief of the Isharam massage method is to carefully and cautiously remove the superficial physical tension, and the deeper tension will gradually surface and gradually dissipate.

Because each aromatherapist has a different background and training, as well as different personal views and preferences, different aromatherapists perform massage in different ways.

There are many differences in techniques, and there is no point in going into the details of each technique here because I believe that no matter what massage technique is used, it is enough that the aromatherapist is professionally trained to help each patient with care and discretion.

I have had many massage therapists with different techniques (some using essential oils, some not) and each technique has been very helpful to me.

Whether the area of the massage includes the whole body and whether the therapist includes the physical, mental and spiritual states is of more concern than the type of technique.

From a purely physical standpoint, massage is the most important method in aromatherapy because it provides a way for the essential oils to effectively touch and enter the body.

The skin absorbs essential oils easily, and while the body is still receiving the message, the oils we need are already rapidly entering the bloodstream (the number of essential oils we need is not large, so the oils must first be diluted with a carrier oil; a 3% concentration is sufficient).

If there are any difficulties that prevent a full body massage, you can choose to massage on the back, the part of the body with the largest skin area, which is also a good way to get essential oils into the body.

In case of emergency, an aromatic massage can be performed on the back every half hour to allow a large amount of essential oils to enter the blood circulation and produce a healing effect.

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