How to DIY Lotions?

Lotions are formed by mixing oils and water-soluble liquids together and adding emulsifiers like lecithin or waxes to form small particles of oil suspended in an aqueous solution.

A typical emollient is a mixture of sweet almond oil, rose puree and wax.

Creams are also made from these three ingredients. The biggest difference between a lotion and a cream is that in a lotion, there is a higher percentage of pure rose water, so it is more fluid and not as sticky as a cream.

Essential oils can be added to both lotions and creams to add fragrance and also to treat skin conditions.

I have found that lotions are more suitable than creams for eczema, and are also better for dry and sensitive skin.

It can be more difficult to make lotion than cream without the assistance of professional equipment, but since lotion does work better than cream for some skin conditions, a few aromatherapists will still try to make their own, even though it is more difficult to do.

We can buy a fragrance-free base at an essential oil store or a purely plant-based lotion (slightly scented or unscented) at a general health food store and add the essential oils we want to use.

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