Why Does Not Use Essential Oils Without Stopping?

What is the reason for “use essential oils for three consecutive weeks and stop for one week”? Why Does Not Use Essential Oils Without Stopping? This article will tell you clearly.

Diversity-based considerations

Diversity is the basic form of nature, the secret weapon that keeps everything in balance.

For example, the diversity of species, according to scientists, a species-rich island is always ecologically balanced and full of life. Conversely, a small island with a single species quickly becomes a deserted island.

Microscopically speaking the reason why essential oils are safe and less prone to resistance has a lot to do with the diversity of chemical composition of each essential oil. 

Each essential oil has as few as a few dozen, and as many as a few hundred chemical components. 

Even so, staring at one essential oil for a long time with your body can be fatiguing, like olfactory fatigue.

Biomimetic enzyme-like action

Essential oils are not nutrients by nature, for example, oils, starches, fats, etc. are all nutrients. 

Essential oils are more like biological enzymes or catalysts for the body, to open up various circulation with, for the body a variety of biological enzymes will be better than a single biological enzyme.

So use it for three weeks and stop for a week to allow your body to rest and adjust in order to get the most out of the oil.

Of course, you can also not stop using them, but take the method of changing essential oils, replacing them with different types of essential oils with similar effects.

Try to keep consume nutrients 

It is mentioned above that essential oils are not nutrients, so what is the best way to consume nutrients?

Try to change meat and fish only every three days or even a week.

Reason: The liver breaks down different animal fats and has to produce different enzymes. For seriously ill and weak people, try to keep the liver’s work simple.

For example, if you eat chicken this week, try to make chicken in different ways for several days in a row: boiled, roasted chicken…

Next week, if you eat beef, try to do beef for several days in a row: pan-fried steak, braised, steamed…

Raw vegetables, berries, nuts, virgin olive oil, the proportion should be 70%, meat can only account for 30%, of which fish can account for half.

Starchy rice, noodles are almost no nutrition, after eating fruits and vegetables and meat, slightly eat the main food can be.

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