ZAQ Noor Litemist Essential Oil Diffuser Review

For producing an ambiance that is fresh and revitalizing, and bacteria-free with a magnificent scent, the ZAQ Noor Diffuser will take care of all your wishes.

The base is without a doubt white and the cones come in lime green, peacock blue, and pink. The top glows with soft long-life DIRECTED lights, or the lighting can stay away if that is your decision. The Litemist is certainly quite dispersing the aromatherapy into your favorite space.

The diffuser is mid-sized at 5. 9-inches high by 5. 0-inches wide and is the perfect size for a living room, bedroom, child’s space, office, spa, boutique, or salon. One particular button turns the particular diffuser on and off.

The ZAQ Noor is BPA-free meaning there are simply no toxins in its durable plastic body. The 80 mL (2. 70 ounces) water capacity will function for up to 4 hours before the reservoir needs to be refilled. The automatic shutoff ensures your safety and security. It operates so quietly that you might not really know it has switched off.

ZAQ Noor Litemist Essential Oil Diffuser
ZAQ Noor Litemist Essential Oil Diffuser

Appealing Functions

The ZAQ Noor comes with a broad variety of features. It becomes an amazing value when you think about the lower prices shown at Amazon with big price special discounts. The diffuser addresses an area from 200- to 300-square feet. The multi-color pyramid shape is attractive anywhere you put it. This unit operates on dual voltage using the voltage range from 100/240-Volts AC. It will function anywhere in the world.

Auto Shut-off Capability

When the water will be consumed, the diffuser will activate the particular automatic shutoff function. You will feel relaxed and secure knowing you can walk away or even get some sleep with no concerns. Your diffuser will never burn up. It is beautiful and the soft shine from the LED gentle will lull you to definitely sleep in a tension relieving environment.

Durable Results

ZAQ Noor operates between 3 to 5 hours. This gives you the opportunity for getting enough time to saturate your area with the petrol of your choice and make the air smell wonderfully fragrant. It is going to clean any nasty odors from the air and be calming plus relaxing at the same time.

Easy for using

You can find 3 settings: multi-light, one light, and no lights for your selection. The diffuser leaves no white dust or condensation on tables. This diffuser does not have a sporadic setting of so many seconds on in that case. The electric-powered cord is removable for ease inside cleaning. To clean make use of a little dish cleaning agent, water, and a natural cotton swab, rinse, plus let it air dry.

What do Clients Say?

We came across many customers on Amazon who has written reviews around the product based on its appearance and functions. Based upon that, we all found a large number of advantages for the ZAQ Noor Diffuser. The diffuser is so small it turned out hard for the reviewer to find such a little unit like the ZAQ Noor. The diffuser is about the size of a can of soft drink. It diffuses along with quality and consistency. The users are glad by the operation from the diffuser and most users awarded 5 stars to the ZAQ Noor and highly recommend this to others.

Pros of ZAQ Noor Litemist Essential Oil Diffuser

  • Great looks and functionality
  • Safety receptors shut the unit away from when water level is simply too low
  • You can use it easily simply refilling the water in the container and adding a few falls of essential oils and let the fragrance remain for 4-5 hours
  • Unit is easy to clean and keep
  • Drinking water Capacity is 80 mL (2. seventy ounces)
  • Operating Time 3 to 4 hours without condensation
  • It covers up to 200- to 300-square foot
  • It may hold up to 5 mL (1 teaspoon) of essential oil
  • Comes with Superior LiteMist Aromatherapy Technologies with auto shutoff
  • Colour changing LED lighting provide soft mood lighting with color selections or no lighting
  • Sound quiet
  • Unit is dual voltage with volts ranging from 100/240-Volt AC and will function anywhere in the world
  • Gift-wrap available
  • User’s Manual included
  • 1-year warranty

Recommendation for use

The manufacturer does not recommend using citrus or lime oils because it will corrode the diffuser ring. Add a person favorite essential natural oils and enjoy.


If you love the spirit in your room to be relaxing to your feelings and if the space is small for reading or working on your hobbies, then the ZAQ Noor Diffuser is a good companion started up for the perfect space setting. With the automated shut-off feature, it really is easier to control and the contemporary appearance blends with any room décor.

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