dōTERRA Petal Diffuser Reviews

Aromatherapy is no longer used by only qualified therapists, specialists, or professionals. During the past years, the average person, you and I, have recognized we can do aromatherapy ourselves anywhere and anytime we want. Aromatherapy does not need to be at the office of the specialist. Home users now realize that the techniques for aromatherapy are not complicated as has been implied in the past.

With the arrival of essential oil diffusers in the marketplace, the average person can now use them. The dōTERRA® Petal Diffuser is a compact user-friendly diffuser satisfactory for use at home and in all places. Essential oil diffusers are effective and efficient providing benefits to your mind, body, and soul. Diffusers create a fragrant and beneficial micro-fine mist that disperses the area for everyone. Whether you use the essential oil diffuser for home, the office, in your spa or salon, your professional or medical setting, in your vehicle, or when traveling, you will realize the benefits immediately.


dōTERRA Petal Diffuser
dōTERRA Petal Diffuser


Perfect for Home Using

Noiseless and small, the mist output is in no way insignificant. It can be used for a child’s room when feeling sickly or for a calming ambience to get a good night’s sleep. The fragrance and moist air might be the perfect solution for an ailing child. The diffuser is perfect for your bath when you need to relax and enjoy the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy with the dōTERRA® diffuser.

4 Setting Levels

The dōTERRA® Petal Nebulizer Diffuser has 4 different settings for dispensing its mist. A built-in on/off timer is useful to set the unit at the time you desire for running. It can be set to control the release of the mist. The diffusion intensity is adjustable to deliver precisely the strength of fragrance you want, and the deep-water reservoir provides enough water for 8 hours of continuous use. Four to five drops of the essential oil is enough for 4 to 8 hours of operation. It has 4 mist settings and you will only need to press the power button one time for 4 hours of a continuous mist. By pressing the button for 8 hours, the diffuser will have intermittent bursts with 15-second intervals, then it will mist again in that sequence over 8 hours covering 330-square feet.

Easy for using

The three-piece dōTERRA® Petal Nebulizer essential oil diffuser is easy to use. Requiring only a few drops of water to its reservoir, it operates quietly for hours. It shuts off automatically when the water is low. The diffuser can be easily cleaned with a little dish detergent and a cotton swab. It can also be cleaned with a little rubbing alcohol, swish it around, drain, and let air dry.

Why Buy it?

Buy it because it is the best Nebulizer essential oil diffuser in the marketplace. It is a little more expensive; however, its features are worth every penny. You get what you pay for. It is perfect for professional offices, such as a dentist’s patient area and any other setting where you need a soothing atmosphere for a calming effect. It can be used as a night light and its soft white glow is tranquil and peaceful. This diffuser makes a wonderful gift for special occasions and events. It will run all night while you sleep utilizing its many benefits. The dōTERRA® Petal Nebulizer Diffuser will give you relaxing moments and therapeutic benefits by relieving stress, uplifting your mood, moisturizing dry flakey skin, and adding favorable moisture to dry sinuses.

Customer Reviews

People who have purchased the dōTERRA® Petal Diffuser have found it extremely valuable for the money. Most people have found it the right choice for their bedrooms, especially their children’s bedrooms. It is suitable for bathrooms and other small areas that require an essential oil diffuser. Some people have not liked the lid as they feel it comes out too easily and is very big, while some people have felt it is too difficult to take off the lid for its big size. This diffuser has gotten itself some brownie points because of its cost-effectiveness and impressive performance at the given price.


  • The diffuser is the best at the given price
  • It works silently without any sound
  • Works with a few drops of essential oil added to water
  • Creates a super light mist that spreads through the room
  • White soothing light makes it suitable to be used at night and for traveling
  • Light in weight and very easy to carry

Suggestion Instead of buying one expensive essential oil diffuser, you can buy a couple of petal diffusers to cover larger areas.

Light, sleek, compact, great performance, and value for the money are what can be said about the dōTERRA® Petal Diffuser. It can be a perfect addition to the comforts of home and all those areas where you want to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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