Tangerine Oil VS Wild Orange Oil: What Is The Difference

Tangerine Oil VS Wild Orange Oil: What Is The Difference in terms of healing properties? It feels like there should be little difference in incense, but what about other areas? When to use red oranges and when to use wild oranges?

The origin of Daughtry Red Orange essential oil did not see the official description, inquired into three statements: Italy Sicily, Brazil, and China.

From the chemical composition, we can see that the main components of both essential oils are limonene and lauricene, and account for more than 95%, even if there are other different components, the proportion will not exceed 1%. 

It is difficult to imagine that other trace components will bring significant differences in efficacy, so we can infer that the two essential oils are similar in efficacy and can be interchangeable.

So, are the differences in other trace ingredients of no value? Of course not, but they can be blended with other essential oils to provide similar or even better results.

Limonene is widely found in essential oils, and the most important component of citrus oils is limonene, which is very active, which also means that it is unstable and easily oxidized into other components. Limonene has strong detergency and is, therefore, suitable as a cleanser.

Notable features in terms of efficacy are anxiety relief, refreshing, digestive aid, fat-busting, immune support, liver support, antibacterial, cancer cell inhibition, blood invigoration, stretch mark reduction, and disinfection. It is also very safe to take orally, which is why we take citrus oils (especially lemon) orally daily as part of our daily regimen.

Which of the two essential oils should I choose when shopping? That depends on your preference for fragrance. Citrus oils are inexpensive and of good value, so buy both for a change.

By the way, among the citrus oils, lemon and lime are chemically similar (but with differences in scent and color), while bergamot is a different category, very different from the others… Let’s talk about it in detail in another article.

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