How To Start An Aromatic Day? 5 Healthy Habits Of Using Essential Oil

Today we are going to about how to implement the good healthy habits of using essential oils in your daily life.  Many women may become very busy when they are in a state of work.

Going through a period of job advancement, career is trying to chase, and then have to think about marriage and children, all these make themselves very tired.

So, for women, the very short and essence of the decade, maybe in a mess in the spent.

One day, when you look back at yourself, you will find that you have become more and more haggard. Why do you not seem to be as glamorous as before?

Let’s take a look at what we can do in a day to live an aromatic life.

Ues blend essential oils each month

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel a little bit coughing, a little bit sore throat, or do you feel like you can’t wake up?

At this time, when we enter our washroom, we have to brush our teeth and wash our face will feel very unpleasant, we can put a small scented candle in front of our mirror, that is, let’s say a small wooden incense plug, small incense plug can add some essential oils inside.

Let’s say like a tea tree, let’s say like rosemary. After dropping some essential oils, add this incense plug in front of our washroom, while we brush our teeth and wash our face, we can smell the faint aroma, and then boost our spirits throughout the day.

Of course, the toothpaste we use when brushing our teeth can also have some fragrance, like I have a strip of Damascus rose-flavoured toothpaste, every morning when I brush my teeth and smell the fragrance of roses, I feel so happy all day long.

After washing up is our general skincare time, skincare time is recommended that you use the cream or skincare oil before the first blend, or you may get up in the morning in a hurry and forget what kind of essential oil you want to add. 

My blend of maintenance creams and maintenance creams are for a month, which means I can change the scent every month.

This month I might want to say I’m going to focus on moisturizing, I’m going to focus on anti-wrinkle. Then I may be this time this month I put inside the spray bottle is blue lotus flower pure dew, to strengthen my moisturizing. 

If I don’t think the blue lotus flower pure essence is enough, I can add more rose pure essence into it and then make the moisturizing strength even more.

If I want to focus on anti-inflammatory and acne, I may add cypress, or white pine, or rosemary, including neroli, which I will add more. Every month to change a flavour so that each month will have a different good mood, and then accompanied by us all day.

Bring an essential oil necklace

Next is the time we have to go to work, the time to work you can carry an essential oil necklace, I will recommend to everyone inside the essential oil necklace, it is best to lemongrass to mint-based, why?

Because we all have the experience of squeezing through the subway, the smell inside the subway is very muddy. This time there is a faint smell of essential oil necklace on the chest, is to maintain our whole day, will have a fragrant space of their own.

After arriving at the office has its area, then the desk above you can put a small diffuser stone, if there is no diffuser stone students can put a tissue, you can put the smell they want on the top of the tissue, why we do not plugin?

Because maybe your desk does not have extra sockets in front of do, it is possible that you share your desk with others, or not often stay in the office, then there is a Kleenex in the pocket in front of their chest, you can also maintain a good mood from time to time.

At this time, you can according to the needs of the function, let’s say I want to bring others a fresh and sunny feeling today, then we are using lemon and bergamot.

If I want to bring a feeling of maturity and charm to people today, floral essential oils are essential.

If you want to bring a fresh, uplifting and energizing feeling. Then black pepper essential oil, peppermint essential oil can be placed in front of our collar, or cuffs, or a Kleenex inside the jacket pocket can be, Kleenex does not have to show some on the top and does not stain their clothes, or it is difficult to wash off.

Take essential oil orally

Well, next we can prepare a glass of pure dew water for everyone before noon. At noon, you can rinse your mouth with pure dew for lunch, or you can drink it with pure dew.

Or some students have the habit of taking vegetable oil orally, in addition to taking it orally in the morning on an empty stomach, you can also take it orally at lunchtime, this way you can avoid having to do too much in the morning, sometimes it will be too late.

When I take vegetable oil orally, I usually take it together with meals, such as sea buckthorn oil and sea buckthorn oil together with meals, then the taste of eating it will be especially good, and it will feel much better than when eating oil alone.

After eating the vegetable oil, it is our noon rest time, this time you can give yourself 20 minutes to 30 minutes to relax a little, this way the afternoon will become more energetic.

Scalp massage with essential oils

Well, in the afternoon, many people will be sleepy. The best essential oil is rosemary and peppermint, so these two essential oils, you can bring a whole bottle in their bag head. Rosemary and peppermint can make us not sleepy.

You can also carry some spray, let’s say to noon, we may put on makeup in the morning at this time has almost fallen off, that a bottle of rose pure lotion to help themselves makeup, can make the skin condition better.

Well, besides putting the oil in our pockets, you can also dip some of the oil between each finger to help yourself do some scalp massage, and then the massage time is not too long, are trying to choose like oxides, such as rosemary or tea tree.

Using essential oils when bathing

When you get home from work at night, you will want to relax, so you may want to help yourself beforehand, like cedar essential oil, or like rosemary essential oil, or pine wood, because pine wood gives people a very relaxing feeling or lavender essential oil, these are very good.

Some students will feel in the bath, remove the bad things throughout the day. We can choose cedar, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, and so on. At the same time, you can use some recipes to remove fat, like incense, fir and so on.

If you feel that you have recently developed some acne, you can help yourself to prepare some mineral clay, such as green clay, pink clay, to do some mud therapy and some relaxation movements, the body of excess waste can be more quickly get rid of.

What if there is no bathtub at home? The best way is to prepare a dish full of coconut oil or sesame oil before we take a bath, mix a drop of grapefruit, cinnamon, patchouli, permanent flower essential oil, apply it to the whole body, so that the whole body can be relaxed and eliminate waste.

Another formula can help blood circulation and eliminate oedema, this formula can also be used to add to everyone’s shampoo, can make the scalp drier, also less prone to dandruff.

So the best way is to buy a bottle of unscented shampoo to add the formula into it, after washing your hair you can shower down along the scalp with warm water, you will feel as if the whole body of these wastes and polluted air are all washed away with this shower.

Before going to bed, we should help our body with massage oil massage, and facial skincare, and then a good sleep.

This is what we have shared today, if you have more ideas, you can also leave your comments below the article, this is all we have today, see you next time.

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