8 Best Essential Oils For Men: Eliminate Fatigue And Mood-boosting

Using essential oils to eliminate fatigue and relax is a great way for men to relax these days. In this article I will talk about 8 essential oils for men.

Many working men choose to do a SPA after a tiring day to let themselves completely relax, different essential oils have different effects, so what kind of essential oils are good for men? What role can men play with essential oils?

Men’s skincare, the first thing most men will choose is skincare products, followed by essential oils.

These are for skincare products, but not all essential oils can be used as skincare, because the role of different essential oils for men is also different, the following follow me to learn about the effectiveness of essential oils.

Lavender Oil  

Lavender oil is known as the “all-purpose oil” that may not solve any major problems, but it can make them a lot less serious.

The lavender essential oil can clear heat and detoxify the skin, cleanse the skin, control the oil, remove spots and whiten the skin, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin, remove dark circles under the eyes, promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues and other skincare functions.

The lavender essential oil also has a calming effect on the heart, can reduce high blood pressure, soothe palpitations, and is very helpful for insomnia.

Geranium Oil

Geranium flowers are pink, with a pointed and serrated leaf-like front end, and the essential oil is derived from the distillation of the flowers and leaves.

Its taste is slightly similar to rose, so it is often passed off as a rose fragrance, but on closer inspection, geranium with lemon flavour can be distinguished.

The main origin is the southwest Indian Ocean near the island of Madagascar, Reunion Island, France, Morocco production of good quality, Spain also has production, the essential oil is yellow-green.

A few drops of geranium essential oil in the hot water of the foot bath can achieve the purpose of activating the blood meridians, but also to achieve the effect of removing foot odour and foot odour.

Orange Oil

Orange essential oil is one of the few essential oils with a calming effect and has a sweet orange fragrance.

It can drive away tension and stress, improve insomnia caused by anxiety, promote sweating, and thus help to flush out toxins from clogged skin, and is useful for oily, acne-prone or dry skin.

Because orange peel contains a large amount of vitamin C, the orange essential oil can prevent colds and flu, moisturize the skin, balance the skin’s pH, help collagen formation, and have a good effect on the growth and repair of body tissues.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree essential oil is native to Australia and is an extract of the tea tree. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, astringent pores, treat cold and flu, cough, rhinitis, asthma, improve dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and genital infection.

Suitable for oily and acne-prone skin, treating pus-filled wounds and burns, sunburn, athlete’s foot and dandruff.

It keeps the mind clear, rejuvenates, and fights depression. The main chemical components are terpinene, pinene, limonene, cineole, terpineol, and cumene.

Rose Oil

Rose essential oil helps men to focus their attention and willpower, boosts self-confidence, relieves pain (headaches, muscle aches), is effective for male cycle disorders, nourishes cells, anti-aging, smoothes wrinkles, is effective for eczema and acne, and regulates skin problems.

Rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world and is known as the “queen of essential oils”. It can adjust women’s endocrine, nourish the uterus, relieve menstrual pain, improve cold sex and menopausal discomfort.

It is especially good for beauty and skincare and can lighten spots from within, promote melanin decomposition, improve dry skin, and restore skin elasticity.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil, smells somewhat similar to mint with its pungent sensation. It has powerful antibacterial properties and can fight upper respiratory tract infections.

When you have a cold, gargle two drops of eucalyptus oil in warm water, but do not drink it. You can use aromatherapy to sterilize the whole room.

Eucalyptus is the favorite food of Australia’s unique koala.

Eucalyptus essential oil is also mainly produced in Australia, and although it has been successfully transplanted in Central Africa, North Africa, and North America, Eucalyptus essential oil is still most widely used in Australia (Eucalyptus Radiata).

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot essential oil is extracted from the fruit of the Italian bergamot, which belongs to the genus Citrus in the family Rutaceae. This essential oil has a fresh flavor and is a favorite in aromatherapy, creating a relaxing and pleasant feeling.

Bergamot and other citrus oils are “high-toned” and have a refreshing flavor. They have an uplifting effect on the spirit and reduce depression.

In many companies, bergamot is put on cotton balls and placed in the air vents of the air conditioner. The fresh smell prevents employees from falling asleep and also has an antiseptic effect.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood essential oil is suitable for aging, dry and dehydrated skin, can reduce scars, fine lines, moisturize the skin, prevent wrinkles.

It has a calming quality that calms nervous tension and anxiety and relaxes people; it has aphrodisiac properties that are highly effective in tonifying the kidneys, relaxing the nerves and improving sexual indifference.

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