Petrol Diffuser vs Humidifier – What’s The Best Choise?

All the diffuser lingo can be very confusing when you are just getting into important oils. Are humidifiers the same as essential oil diffusers? There are many different types of humidifiers and diffusers that every work a little in different ways.   This guide may clear it all up so you know how they both work and which one you should get.

Humidifier compared to Diffuser: The Top 3 Differences

Humidifiers plus Essential Oils Diffusers Have Different Purposes

In other words, humidifiers are designed to boost the humidity and moisture of a room. The objective of essential oil diffusers, on the other hand, is to  pass on essential oils throughout a room. Some varieties of essential oil diffusers use mist to distribute the essential oil particles so they can add some moisture to a room yet no where near as much as a humidifier. Most oil diffusers add very little humidity to a room and also you won’t notice the humidity difference.

Humidifiers Have Much Larger Water Tanks

If you reside in a dry climate or it’s the winter weather, the dry air flow can cause some people a lot of problems. Dry pores and skin, nose bleeds, chapped lips and other annoying problems can crop up from dry air flow. There are many types of humidifiers but how they many generally work is definitely by adding water steam to a room. Water vapor increases moisture levels so the area is less dry out. Humidifiers require bigger water tanks to make use of enough water to effectively raise the humidity level across an entire  room or even home.

Typical room humidifiers hold a gallon (3 liters) associated with water while essential oil diffusers hold a maximum of 300ml or 500ml. To put this in perspective, a humidifier holds  almost 3800ml versus the 500ml of an oil diffuser. The kind of essential oil diffuser that uses water is called an ultrasonic diffuser. These diffusers make use of ultrasonic vibrations to break up the essential natural oils and spray the particular oil particles plus water into a good mist. The misting is sprayed to the air and then you are able to smell the heavenly essential oils.

Several Essential Oil Diffusers Don’t Use Water

There is one type of diffuser called a nebulizing diffuser (aka nebulizer) that doesn’t use drinking water at all. These diffusers just spray the essential oil particles straight into the air. Nebulizing diffusers  are more expensive however they give you the strongest benefits of essential oils.

Can You Place Essential Oils In Your Humidifier?

It’s not a great idea to add essential oils for your humidifier. Humidifiers do not get designed to effectively dissipate oils and will not likely work very well for this purpose. You generally add 6-15 falls of essential oil to a 300-500ml diffuser so that you would have to put hundreds of drops for the much bigger gallon tanks of humidifiers (which is really expensive and a waste of oils). If you wish to increase the moisture of a room and you want to diffuse oils in that case your best bet is to purchase a humidifier and buy a diffuser.

Top Essential Oil Diffusers

We have a whole guide on choosing diffusers if you want to learn more about the various types of diffusers and which one is best for a person. There  tons of ultrasonic diffusers to choose from and lots of them work good. If you aren’t picky  and don’t need any kind of specific features compared to you can pick one that has a design that appeals you to the most. If you are on a budget then obtain an ultrasonic diffuser and if you are looking for the best quality then get a nebulizing diffuser. If you want this to run for more hours then get a three hundred or 5ooml  dimension diffuser as opposed to the 150ml size.

Top Humidifiers

Anypro Cool Mist Humidifiers
Anypro Cool Mist Humidifiers

The particular Anypro humidifier is a great option if you want a top quality machine that will work quietly. It’s great for a kid’s room or for use while sleeping. It can run twenty to 36 hrs at a time and has reduced, medium and higher mist settings to pick from.   It has high quality materials to help prevent mold growth but just make sure you keep this clean to avoid any of mold issues.

You’ve probably heard of Vicks cold medicine… well they turned out with humidifiers too. The cool factor about their humidifier is that it has a medication cup that allows you to use Vicks Vaposteam or even Kaz Inhalent for any medicated vapor. When someone in your house is definitely sick this can really help to have the medicated vapor instead of just ordinary water vapor. It can run for twelve hours and immediately shuts off.

Additionally, there are dual purpose humidifiers like this one  which are infrared heaters plus humidifiers.   There are various types of humidifiers thus just go with a well-rated and reliable basic humidifier if you are overcome and don’t have any kind of unique reasons for wanting one.

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