Best Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Essential oil diffuser bracelets are a great way to enjoy essential oils throughout the day and accessorize at the same time. Your bracelet can be a great reminder throughout the day to stop and be present and enjoy the moment. A little whiff of soothing lavender or eucalyptus can reduce the stress that bubbles up and bring you a little moment of joy. There are two main types of essential oil bracelets: lava stone bracelets and lockets with diffuser pads.

RoyAroma Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Essential Oil Bracelets

These types of bracelets have lockets that open up and have a diffuser pad inside. You just add drops of your essential oils to the pad and then close the locket and wear all day. The cool thing about these bracelets is that you can choose from tons of different options to customize your bracelet. Lockets come in a bunch of beautiful designs like the tree of life, flowers, music notes, cats, and many more.

These lockets typically come on leather or metal bands so you can pick based on your fashion taste. Some of the lockets can be a little confusing to figure out because they screw off instead of opening up like a traditional locket. Most bracelets come with many different colors of the diffuser pad so you can coordinate them with your outfit. You can also pick certain colors to be your go-to for each specific oil.

Lava Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

Lava Rock Bracelet

Lava stones are porous so they can soak up essential oils and retain their smell. The scent will typically last anywhere from a few hours to all day. Peppermint and citrus oils are strong oils that will last a while and are good scents to choose for your bracelet.

To apply the essential oils you can use a Q-tip or your fingers (if you’re not sensitive to the oil) to rub on the lava stone. The lava stone will appear wet and it doesn’t soak up as fast as the diffuser pads in the lockets.

Many lava stone bracelets come with other stones that align to specific chakras. Some stones that you can find alongside the lava stones are Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli,Red Agate, Amber, Tiger Eye, Green King Stone, and Turquoise. These additional stones add color to the bracelets but you don’t want to add essential oils to those. Just add oils to the lava stone.

Avoid showering with your bracelet to help it last longer.

Mermaid Lava Stone Bracelet & Necklace All In One

This unique lava stone bracelet uses stones with nautical tones and a totally different look than the typical lava stone bracelet.  It’s 21 inches long so you can wrap it around your wrist three times or wear it as a single strand necklace. 

Make Your Own Essential Oil Bracelet

You can order lava stone beads and other types of beads and make your own aromatherapy jewelry! Then you can have a bunch of different bracelets to match more outfits and you get to customize them based on what stones you have a connection with. It’s easy to make your own essential oil bracelets when you get the loose lava stone beads that are ready to just slide on to the bracelet!

Hopefully this guide helped you understand which types of bracelets are out there and how to find one that fits your style!

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