Why you should spray essential oils?

There are many advantages to spray essential oils, especially because they have a safety profile that insecticides do not.

Depending on the type of essential oil, they can be made into insect repellent sprays, deodorant sprays, protective sprays to avoid the spread of epidemics, and aromatic sprays that simply add fragrance.

Simply mix a few drops of essential oil with a small amount of alcohol, add water, and shake vigorously.

For immediate use, mix the essential oil and water directly, shake vigorously and then use, spray 1 or 2 times and shake again.

Essential oils do not mix evenly with water, but vigorous shaking allows the essential oils to be sprayed in the form of suspended oil droplets in water.

The percentage of essential oils in the spray is not important, I usually use a 5% concentration, which is increased to 10% during a raging epidemic.

The best spray cans are ceramic spray cans designed for spraying houseplants, but glass spray cans originally designed to hold aromatics or deodorants can also be used to hold a small amount of spray solution.

Second, you can also use ordinary plastic spray cans, but the plastic cans must not have essential oil mixture residue, because the essential oil will have a chemical reaction with the plastic, contaminating the residual liquid.

When making the spray solution, pay attention to the “amount” of the problem, it is best to estimate the amount on their own, the same day the solution should be used up the same day, not to use up the discarded.

Bergamot is the best essential oil for deodorizing, either alone or mixed with lavender, and is a very effective insect repellent.

Any essential oil with a lemon scent – bergamot, lemon verbena, lemon citronella or lemongrass – will repel insects.

Eucalyptus essential oil is best sprayed during a raging epidemic and, if sprayed regularly in the ward, can control the spread of infectious diseases.

Rosemary essential oil and juniper essential oil also have the same effect.

If an epidemic has recently appeared, it is best to spray alcoholic oils in every room of your home several times a day.

Think of essential oils as scent cleaners; you can spray any of your favorite oils in the room.

If the affected area is too painful to apply the oil directly to the skin, you can spray some essential oils in the form of a spritz.

For example, if a child has chickenpox, spray a combination of chamomile, lavender, and eucalyptus on the body to reduce the fever and to reduce blemishes.

It is also important to note that if a child has a fever, it is best to use slightly heated water when making a spray solution to avoid irritating the skin with cold water.

For sunburn, you can also make a spray of Myrica and Chamomile or a mixture of both to reduce the discomfort in the same way.

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