Why Should You Use Essential Oils For Headache?

There are many essential oils for headaches and are safer than taking aspirin.

Of all the essential oils that can relieve pain, Myrica and Spearmint are the most effective, either alone or blends.

Rosemary essential oil can also help to clear the mind and relieve pain, especially for headaches after prolonged exertion.

The lavender essential oil can be applied directly to the temples (only a few drops) or applied cold to the temples, forehead, or back of the neck. 

It is even more effective when mixed with peppermint oil in equal parts. It is because the lavender essential oil can enhance the healing effect of other essential oils.

You may wonder: The lavender oil has a calming effect, while peppermint has a refreshing effect, so don’t the two oils cancel each other out? Actually, no.

Commercially available headache preparations also contain stimulants (usually caffeine) in addition to one or more pain relievers. 

The reason for this arrangement is that pain relievers are usually mildly calming and sometimes depressing, and some caffeine is added to balance this side effect. 

The same reason for using both lavender and peppermint essential oils, but using natural oils does not have the dangerous side effects of synthetic drugs.

If the headache is caused by mucositis of the nose and throat or a sinus infection, inhalation of lavender, peppermint, rosemary, or eucalyptus essential oils can treat both conditions. 

It can relieve the headache and the other reason is that clear the mucosal obstruction causing the headache. 

All of these oils have antiseptic properties, so they can reduce headaches while also treating and fighting off nasal infections.

The cause of most headache symptoms can be found – fatigue, poor ventilation, tired eyes, tension, etc. 

If the cause of the headache cannot be found and the headache symptoms persist or occur frequently, further examination by a physician is needed. 

Most headaches of this type are related to the patient’s lifestyle and diet or living environment, and in a few cases the headache is a precursor to a more serious condition.

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