URPOWER® New Wood Feed Ultrasonic Diffuser – Humidifier Review

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The Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The upscale  URPOWER ®   New Wooden Grain Ultrasonic Diffuser is lovely to look at and goes with any décor, especially wooden. The lights will never be as bright just like a white plastic diffuser, but the soft dimmer colors are great for nighttime and a child’s room. The colours are subtle plus pleasing for a passionate evening or removing a headache using the essential oils.

The whisper quiet diffuser and humidifier will increase flair and excitement to your home, office, day spa, boutique, yoga studio—anywhere you would want a wonderful fragrance and moisture. It provides a cool air never using high temperature that will destroy fully pure therapeutic essential oils (not included). This diffuser can accommodate citrus natural oils.

Features and Performance

The very large drinking water reservoir holds 300 mL (10 ounces) of tap water and will cover a room as much as 269-square feet. Include 2-3 drops associated with essential oil and the unit will run continually for 10 hrs shutting off instantly.

The particular technology used for this ultrasonic diffuser produces vibrations at a rate of recurrence of 2 . 4 million times for each second. This means it breaks down the essential oils into micro-particles without needing any heat whenever misting. The oil’s components are ruined by heat which is a benefit for you using this device. Nature’s oils are stored for you to enjoy plus benefit from.

LED lighting —are associated with 7 calming plus gorgeous colors. You can select the colors you need to run continuously or fixed at one color. When you push the “light” button it will turn the particular LED light upon and the color will change automatically. When you push the “light” key again, it will fix the color to the one you want. Another push of the “light” button will change the color again. You can turn the sunshine off as well.

The “mist” timer can be arranged at 60-, 180-, and 360-minutes or even “on. ” Whichever your desires, it is going to do it for you.

Level must be just below the Maxline. Note : Do not turn on the diffuser right after is has shut down without first incorporating water just below the particular Maxline. Do not press the particular “mist” button when the tank is bare. If there is no water and you press the particular “mist” button, the particular diffuser will burn out and be destroyed. It will probably void your warranty.

Diffuser components —are PP (Polypropylene) and ABDOMINAL MUSCLES (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and is BPA-free (Bisphenol A (BPA), a natural synthetic compound utilized in plastics. Everyone nowadays wants to know that your invisalign aligner items they use are BPA-free and no wonder—the toxins are not great for anyone’s health. Be sure these diffusers are usually BPA-free with no harmful toxins to worry about. The fake wood covering utilized on the outside is so realistic looking you will think it’s genuine wooden.   It’s simple to keep clean and the wood grain façade is exquisite to complement all interior design.

Maintenance —is quick and hassle-free. After you use your unit 5 to 6 times, first unplug the unit from your base. Fill water reservoir with 17 ounces (500 mL) of water then one tablespoon of citric acid (sour salt) or two tablespoons of distilled (white) vinegar. Use a natural cotton swab to clean right after letting the blend soak 5 to 10 minutes. Pour away the solution being careful not to let it enter the air outlet tooth cavity on the side. Never immerse the unit in water. Allow the unit to air dry or even use a paper towel to dry this inside and away. Mildew and bacteria will grow inside your diffuser if you let water sit inside for days and days. Always leave it clean and dry when not in use.

Important Details

  • Dimensions: six. 6” x 4. 75”
  • Weight: 19 oz .
  • Energy: A/C 100/240-Volts 50/60 Hz (European usage) D/C 24 Volts 650 mA, 10-Watts
  • Power Cord: 5. 5-feet

Here’s what you get involved the box

  • URPOWER ® New Wood Grain Ultrasonic three hundred mL Diffuser
  • A/C Power-adapter
  • Water Measuring Cup
  • User’s Guide
  • Guarantee Card in Container


The round diffuser with wood grain is stunning anywhere you put it. Diffusers along with 100% pure therapeutic oils can destroy viruses, bacteria, candida, some molds plus mildew. When the gentle cycles through almost all 7 colors, you can feel calm using the soft radiant glow.

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