What Are Synthetic Oils?

Synthetics are several different substances put together to simulate another substance. The demand for essential oils now exceeds the supply, so synthetic oils are becoming more numerous and more common.

The increasingly sophisticated perfume industry requires more essential oils, and this demand sometimes exceeds the global production of natural oils in a year.

For each essential oil, the cost of planting, harvesting, and distilling natural oils is always higher than that of synthetic oils.

These synthetic oils are made from natural terpenes, which are broken down and reconstituted to produce a variety of aromatic substances.

Pinus sylvestris is a major source of natural terpenes, and pine trees are cut down in large numbers to obtain more terpenes.

Benzene, a substance often used in large quantities in the production of synthetic essential oils, is one of the world’s worst polluters – a by-product of the petrochemical industry.

Synthetic oils have no healing properties and can cause allergic reactions, and when used in aromatherapy, these synthetic oils not only have no healing properties but also pollute our bodies and the planet we live on.

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