How To Regulate Body Temperature With Essential Oils?

The normal body temperature in humans is about 98.6° Fahrenheit, with a slight decrease in the morning when you wake up and a slight increase in the evening.

The body temperature control center is located in the brain, and the body has many different ways to regulate body temperature. For example, sweating lowers body temperature and shivering allows muscles to produce heat.

Many essential oils can regulate body temperature. Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Myrica, Vanilla, and Peppermint can lower body temperature, as can other oils that promote perspiration such as Cypress and Rosemary, which can indirectly lower body temperature.

You can also add these oils to your bath water or gently rub your body with plenty of cold water.

Even without the oils, massage can be effective in raising body temperature, but it is more effective when warming oils like marjoram or thyme are added.

Any essential oil known as a reddish agent can increase local circulation and create a warming sensation, especially at the ends of cold limbs. Essential oils in this category include black pepper, juniper, and rosemary.

However, it is important to note that the thermoregulatory centers of infants and the elderly are weak in their ability to regulate body temperature, so if they experience abnormal changes in body temperature, watch them carefully.

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