What if I have dry skin?

Dry skin is defined as skin that lacks moisture, a lack of oil in the skin can also lead to dry skin because the oil in the top layer of the skin keeps the moisture in the skin.

Dry skin is tight, cold, and prone to wrinkles. Most older adults have dry skin, and the popularity of central air conditioning and cold air has made dry skin increasingly common.

Lack of moisture and oil in the skin is associated with endocrine imbalance, so essential oils that regulate endocrine secretion can solve this problem.

Geranium and lavender essential oils are the most suitable. Chamomile, bitter neroli and rose are also gentle oils that can moisturize the skin.

Dry skin is better suited to a moisturizing lotion rather than a cream, and the above oils can be added to the lotion.

It is important to replenish the lotion several times a day in order to protect your skin from moisture loss at all times.

Pay more attention to moisturizing your skin when you go out in hot or very dry, windy weather.

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking more natural juices and mineral water are beneficial for skin moisturization.

Alcohol is very damaging to the skin and the body. It dries out the skin, so it is best to avoid drinking alcohol or drink it in small amounts.

In addition, smoking is not good for skin health.

If you are going to massage, be very gentle with your movements. Masks containing honey are very helpful for dry skin.

You can apply honey directly on your face or use honey, mashed avocado, or banana pulp as a compress on your face.

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