Should children not use essential oils with aphrodisiac?

I guess the underlying concern is that “some essential oils with aphrodisiac can affect the production of sex hormones (hormones), so could they promote precocious puberty in children?”

We usually think that because of the excessive intake of phytohormones (hormones), the hormone levels in the body will increase.

In fact, human hormones (i.e. animal hormones) and plant hormones are completely different. The physiological and biochemical mechanisms of animals and plants are completely different, and there is no similarity in the chemical structure between plant and animal hormones.

What are the different types of hormones?

according to their chemical structure, are broadly classified into four groups:

  • The first group is steroids, such as adrenocorticotropic hormones and sex hormones.
  • The second group is amino acid derivatives, such as thyroxine and pineal hormone.
  • The third group of hormones is structured as peptides and proteins, such as pituitary hormones, insulin, etc.
  • The fourth group is fatty acid derivatives, such as prostaglandins.

As we know, the chemical composition of pure essential oils are the two main groups of terpenes and their oxygenated compounds and phenyl propane, which are completely different substances.

Plants do contain “growth regulators” and some people call them “phytohormones”, which is often misunderstood by analogy.

It is a substance that regulates the growth, development and differentiation of plant cells, but it is not the same as our body’s hormones, nor does it have a similar effect on our bodies as sex hormones.

Moreover, pure essential oils do not contain the ingredient “growth regulator”.

How do essential oils affect the body’s endocrine system?

After entering the human body, essential oils will reach all organs through blood circulation, among which will also reach our ovaries, testes, pituitary gland, and adrenal glands, etc., and then regulate the hormone secretion of these organs in both directions, so that the secretion of sex hormones can reach a healthy and balanced state.

Therefore, the function of essential oils is to help restore the operation of our endocrine organs to a healthy and balanced state, so that the sex hormones are balanced rather than simply increased.

In addition, for children, the sexual organs are not yet mature, so there is no need to worry about the above concerns.

Some essential oils can affect the production of sex hormones (hormones), so could they promote precocious puberty in children? 

What exactly causes precocious puberty?

According to research, one of the main factors is endocrine-disrupting chemicals. The most common of these disruptors are phthalates (phthalates) and bisphenol A (BPA).

Phthalates are man-made chemicals, additives to plastic products, and they are everywhere: toys, shower curtains, vinyl flooring, shampoo, detergents, food packaging.

Because our bodies can’t metabolize phthalates, these chemicals end up messing with our endocrine system.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is another widely used chemical found in cups, water bottles, food storage containers and food cans.

You may have seen that some brands of reusable food containers are labeled as “BPA-free”. This is because toxic BPA has been found to seep into food and beverages from inside containers, especially when heated or cleaned.

It seems that certain harmful ingredients in plastics are the real trigger for precocious puberty.

Try to keep children away from plastic products, eat less processed, plastic-wrapped food, and eat more all-natural foods is what moms can do for now.

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