Calily™ Tower Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser-Humidifier Review

Calily™ Tower Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser-Humidifier Review - Essential Oil's Tales

This calm and soothing Calily™ Tower is usually tall, thin, and sophisticated to use anywhere as an essential oil diffuser or as a humidifier without using any natural oils. For a classy look in your environment, it is a great functioning device to give you the best associated with both worlds—a diffuser and a humidifier being gift affordable.

Features and Functionality

This popular diffuser is perfect for its lovely fragrance and therapeutic benefits in your home’s bedroom, family room, child’s room, and the bathroom. In expert settings, it is wonderful to look at and functions well in a medical office, boutique, your workplace space, and therapeutic massage and spa studios.

Making use of no heat, the oils will keep their integrity plus there will be no bargain for your benefits utilizing the cool method. Add more tap or bottled water to the red indicate max fill line in the tank and a few drops of your favorite essential oils (not included). No filter systems are used, so that means that low maintenance for you.

Specifications plus Exclusive Qualities

The unit is whisper quiet, will not vibrate, has no heat and is healing and great to touch. The automatic shut off switch provides safety for a good night’s sleep not having to be concerned about it burning out.

Pressing the button once turns the unit on within the continuous mode. Pressing a second time will change it to the irregular mode. The unit will turn off when you push the button a 3rd time.

LED lamps —are restorative and will enhance your mood establishing a lovely space ambience. The 6 lights are glowing blue, green, red, red, purple, and yellowish and the colors can rotate or decide to run as an one color. The marvelous and mesmerizing associated with the oils plus lights are delightful and add calm peaceful moments to your life. In the regular mode, the water provide lasts 3 hrs, and in the intermittent mode, the water continues 6 hours. The system does not run with no lights.

Room size —is up two hundred fifity square feet of coverage. Purchase various for each room for the total area aroma. The water capacity is definitely 90 mL (3 ounces) and the unit will run for hours.

Maintenance —After you use your device 5 to 6 times, first unplug the unit from your base. Fill the water reservoir with drinking water and one tablespoon of citric acid (sour salt) or two tablespoons of unadulterated (white) vinegar. Use a cotton swab to clean after letting the mixture soak 5 to 10 minutes. Pour out the solution being careful not to allow it to get into the air wall plug hole on the side. In no way submerge the unit inside water. Allow the unit to air dried out or use a papers towel to dry it inside plus out. Mildew and bacteria will develop in your diffuser if you let water sit inside for days plus weeks. Always keep it clean and dried out when not in use.

Important Details

  • Dimensions: seven. 5-inches tall times 4. 5-inches broad
  • Bodyweight: 11. 2-ounces
  • Power Output: A/C 110/240-Volts (European usage)
  • Power Cord: 5. 5 feet

Here’s what you enter the box

  • Calily™ Tower Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
  • A/C Power Adapter
  • Drinking water Measuring Cup
  • Free Cleaning Brushes
  • User’s Manual
  • Warranty within Box and 30-day return Amazon plan can be applied


The comforting plus restful light shades will add to your own relaxing inner peace. The light brightness could be adjusted to your liking. The base is a polished opaque white and the best is translucent white-colored with a silver band and complements any décor.

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