Aura Cacia Essential Oils Review: High Quality & Organic

So you’re wanting to know if you should buy Element Cacia This Feeling Cacia essential natural oils review will give you the interior scoop on can be great and what to consider to decide if this brand is right for you!

Aura Cacia was founded back in 1982 in Iowa and is owned by the Frontier Co-op. Its co-op firm structure means that it is owned by low cost and store people who make sure the high values and environmentally friendly sourcing standards are certainly not compromised. Ever since the business started, it has had an extremely strong dedication to sustainability.

High Quality & Organic Essential Oils:

Aura Cacia is sold at a lot of retailers like Entire Foods and other large national chains due to it’s high quality plus wide variety of oils. Additionally they are one of the few manufacturers that sells UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Certified Organic important oils. Most companies simply say they have high quality suppliers but Feel Cacia meets the particular strict requirements for being certified organic. They even donate money to educate farmers on organic and environmentally friendly farming! The only issue with Aura Cacia is they don’t provide any kind of transparency on batch reports that show the ingredients in their natural oils. Some other brands such as Plant Therapy, show you the tests therefore you know there are simply no synthetic ingredients put into lower the cost. Atmosphere Cacia is a reputable brand with many retailers so it’s not as much of a concern that they shouldn’t provide the transparent reviews. If you are buying some up and coming or new brand on Amazon . com that isn’t reputable, then the reports become more necessary.

High Number of Oils:

Aura Cacia includes a massive variety of top quality essential oil products. They provide around 120 single essential oils and over 90 blends. If you need a specific or rare oil, that it is likely this brand may have it for you. They likewise have a line of seven Chakra roll-ons that are focused on  assisting balance each chakra. The roll-ons are usually pre-diluted with company oils so they secure to go directly on your skin. You can roll the Aura Cacia essential oil blend near the  chakra that the roll-on was created for.

Sustainable plus ethical sourcing

One amazing advantage of buying from Aura Cacia is the fact that you’re buying from a company truly dedicated to sustainable and ethical sourcing. They don’t simply find good suppliers, they really have a go at helping the organizations they source their essential oils through. In Sri Lanka, they will gave a give to the Small Natural Farmers Association (SOFA) which is a 2, 043-member cooperative of small-scale farmers.   The grant was given was  for the construction of an organic training middle to educate farmers on organic and eco friendly growing techniques.

Aura Cacia heavily supports schooling and gives funds to  other initiatives such as operating a kindergarten in Madagascar to get families of the ylang harvesters who pick flowers regarding ylang essential oil. They have many comparable programs in other areas where they have suppliers. It’s really cool that when you buy their own oils, you are assisting these programs and helping provide a much better life for the people who helped supply the natural oils.

Affordable Pricing (and the cheapest place to buy Atmosphere Cacia)

You can compare Aura Cacia’s pricing to other brands in the table at the bottom of this article. From the mid-priced brand that is far cheaper than DoTerra and Young Living, but doesn’t always have rock bottom pricing possibly. To give you a quick assessment, Aura Cacia is normally around $0. 47/ml while premium brand names are $1. 50/ml. So it’s a third from the price of other brand names but still provides great quality.

Aura Cacia includes a membership program to pay an one time $10 fee and get 10% off items on their website. It is not a MLM organization like Young Living and Doterra therefore you will not get a distributor ID and make money from promoting the products. It is just a discount that you get with no further commitment.

If you aren’t buying a bunch of natural oils at the same time, then you’ll much better off buying on Amazon Prime and having free shipping because Aura Cacia just gives free shipping on orders that are around $50 or higher. If you buy a $10 bottle of essential oil on their website, then you save $1 together with your membership discount but will pay more for shipping, so you should go with Amazon and get free shipping.

Aura Cacia Essential Oil Starter Package

Environment Cacia has the ideal starter kit in case you are thinking about getting started with essential oils or attempting Aura Cacia the first time. This essential oil discovery kit has a sampler of the four most widely used essential oils that are peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender. They are all 7. 5ml small bottles to provide you with a sample. The kit also comes with an important oils learning tutorial that has DIY tested recipes for skin lotions, lotions and more. This can be a great kit to obtain if you’re overwhelmed with which oils to buy 1st or want to try a number of scents.

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